And So It Began

The First Law of Nature is Self Preservation.
This is the most basic instincts that drove man toward the realization of his potential.
This instinct leads to the generating of brain power, the connecting of different neurons and pathways that form in your brain just from it figuring out something.
If you are trapped in a forest, and have nothing to eat, and you knew that some of the things around you may be dangerous to eat and some not.
but you didn’t know what was what.
but you knew you had to eat.
This was your instinct of Self Preservation saying I have to do something to eat.
Your brain begins working, you call it thinking,
What can I do to eat..
You may go through a process of deduction; smelling, feeling touching, Sampling.
Trees, Plants, Bugs, Figs and Branches to discover what may be safe for you to eat.
This is your brain trying to figure it out.
This Is another Law of Nature about the power of your MIND.
No matter what problem it is in life you encounter, if there is a way to figure it out,
all you have to do is think hard enough about,
And you will figure it out.
This is the Science of the Mind.
It can be a complex math problems or a diagram or anything.
look at it long enough, study it long enough allow your minds Power To WORK
And so, in the jungle, in the Forest,
Having To Survive but Having to Eat and Having To Eat To Survive,
Your mind will discover a solution to your hunger.
and as you eat, that feeling of satisfaction that will surge through your body, will bring with it an increase in confidence.
and more brain neurons being connected,
more ideas begin to be generated.
and tested.
and realized.
Until you have no doubt that you have the ability to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish..
already in you.

In this series I am going to expose the secrets of billionaires and bilderbergers and identify for you the psychology that drives them. I will show you the proven path to insure maximum success in your life and effortlessly dominate your world.
that’s what its about.
DOMINATING your world.
and you should never SETTLE for having less or being poor or being broke or being a wage slave or doing anything THAT YOU DON’T DESIRE DOING because you have as much POTENTIAL as ANYONE ELSE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, SUCCESSFULLY.
You must first have 100% confidence in your NATURAL Ability.
Think About It:
the richest people in the world are rich because they OWN the biggest companies in the world.
You See?
They Use other Minds to Do That.
Skyscrapers, pyramids, spaceships, all of these things started within a mans mind first.
As an Ambition, A Desire, A Dream.
and that man went and took a whole lot of other men’s minds and put them together to build his dream… think about that.
no one is richer because they where born smarter than any other children.
all children begin with the exact same UNREALIZED POTENTIAL.
The difference is in the level of realization that each child reaches about his or her potential…
Children born into a state of financial poverty are often conditioned to never realize any of their potential outside of that obtainable within their circumstances.
this conditioning is psychological..and it is the reason why poverty is perpetual..
this conditioning is also the reason why Poverty Smothers Potential.
because the the first law of nature is…
Until we meet again, ponder your potential, become confident and assured that as a human, your MIND ALONE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS..