How It All Started

It All Started With a Man and his potential…
The most POWERFUL asset that Man HAS is not time,
because Time is a constant and will continue its course until there is no more for Man Individually.
Its not money because money is fiat, and its only value is perceived and based on its exchange for a desirable commodity.
The most valuable asset in the world, for any man to have, is…..
it is through ambition, also called Desire, Motivation, Drive.. known by many names but
it is through Ambition that man is able to conquer whatsoever he chooses.
The Road To Power Begins With Ambition:
The Intense, Unwaverable, Unconquerable, Unstoppable Desire
to achieve something that you
KNOW WITH A CERTAINTY you can Achieve…
and KNOW IT you Must….
or else you will fail, and continue to fail, and Never In Life Overcome your Failure.
Therefore, the first part in having ambition,
is to develop YOUR Confidence and Recognize Your Value:
as Man/Mind Naturally Equipped with a Gift that has Literally buillt Ships…
that sail into space…..
and thus, it all started with man and his potential… To Be Continue